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We Simply Can't Continue to do The Same Thing - And Expect Different Results. The Time For Real Education Reform is Now.


Big shifts in teaching and learning require new instructional models, but it can be challenging to design next-generation teaching and learning models on your own. Today's classrooms need to be more student-centered and include more student voice and choice to inspire a love of learning.Our team brings deep expertise, examples from other districts, and design-thinking processes to help your schools create instructional model designs, that include and go beyond blended learning models, models  that will really work for your community.

Our students' needs are changing, so how we teach needs to change, too.

ACG is transforming how we think about education. Our team of educators are revolutionary thinkers with proven track records of success. Our evidenced based, pedagogical approach is student-centered and rooted in Common Core and Blooms Taxonomy. ACG offers text and workbooks for all grades, K-12. For more information, please check out our publication of textbooks and study materials designed to improve learning, student engagement, test-scores, and so many more important academic measures.   

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