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ACG provides expert legal services to a broad range of clients facing complex problems. Our strategic approach embraces a teamwork model using evidenced-based practices - applying common sense solutions. Our legal and mental health team provides comprehensive services ranging from expert witness to Voir Dire. Our legal and mental health teams are licensed and credentialed professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. 

Expert Witness


Experts and consultants often play critically important roles during litigation. The more important or complex the matter, the more likely it is that one or more experts will be involved for each side. During criminal cases, having a mental health expert throughout all phases of the trial is an invaluable asset. Mental health experts can be used during jury selection, guilt, and during the sentencing phase of the trial. Preserving your client’s dignity or providing a complete picture of his or her mental state and background is essential to the outcome of any case. Introducing your client to the judge and jury trough expert testimony provides balance to the character assassination that will be levied by opposing counsel. One of the greatest hurtles minority defendants face is overcoming cultural barriers between them and the jury. These discrepancies in understanding perpetuates stereotypes and diminishes the ability of jurors to elicit sympathy and an understanding for the defendant. Our team of mental health experts specialize in educating jurors of the unique dispositions of minority and other defendants. Our detailed assessments and reports connects the judge and jury to our clients and helps them better understand how the defendant’s life experiences contributed to him or her being in their presence.

Forensic Evaluations


Members of our mental health team are able to assess and render professional opinions regarding the client's mental health and ability to function. Through the interview process, analysis of records, and observations of the client and his family members, members of the mental health team are able to recognize and identify all of the mental illnesses listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), including but not limited to: the presence of disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, potential deficits in cognitive abilities and adaptive functioning, potential neuropsychological deficits; and the long term effects of trauma, deprivation, neglect and substance abuse. Our team of mental health specialists are able to communicate with other mental health professionals, including the client's providers whose services predate his crime. 

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Voir Dire
Lawyers don't leave the outcomes of high-profile and high-stakes jury trials to gut instinct and chance. They rely on jury consultants who are human behavior experts, helping attorneys research and select jurors and provide insight into juror behavior. Jury consultants are used in both criminal trials and in complex civil litigation.  

Jury consultants are integral to the legal process even before a trial begins. They research the jurors' backgrounds, create juror profiles and assist with jury selection and voir dire — the questioning of prospective jurors. Jury consultants may conduct focus groups and mock trials. They also conduct pretrial research, gather and analyze demographic data, perform statistical analyses and draft analytic reports.

Our trained team of experts will help develop effective trial strategies that will help shape juror perceptions leading to favorable results.

Our consultants will provide insight into jurors' body language and behavior at trial, as well as coach witnesses for the best possible presentation of facts under questioning. At the request of the team, our experts are prepared to assist lawyers develop arguments and help organize legal strategies. If requested, our experts can also assist with creating courtroom graphics and multi-media presentations to help the attorney weave a compelling and persuasive story for the jury.

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