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We Develop Boys Into Men.

Developing boys into men is what we do. At ACG, we are passionate about preparing tomorrow's leaders - today. Our specialized seminars and workshops are designed to challenge and empower young men to reach their full potential. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker to host an event or looking to start a mentoring program - I am confident we have the internal resources to help you achieve your goals. Since 2010, we conducted over 1000 seminars and hosted over 500 keynote events. We rise - by lifting others. 

                   If You Develop Their Bodies - They Will Be Fit - If You Develop Their Minds -                                                                   They Will be Champions.

Every year programs spend millions of dollars and countless of hours developing athletes into physical specimens. Players and coaches spend countless hours exercising and watching film to increase players' knowledge of the game and overall performance. However, very few programs allocate time and resources to developing players into student-athletes - and most importantly - men. Players enter programs from various backgrounds and cultures. Many players walk onto college campuses with lots of unresolved issues and family problems. Because a large number of athletes come from urban communities, many of these players bring with them trauma, mental health, and a host of other issues associated with their development. 


Untreated, these players have the potential to cause internal conflicts within the program, in addition to self-destructive behaviors that lead to suspensions, and disciplinary actions. When players become better as a person - they become better teammates. Our specialized sports development curriculum focuses on improving players' character and decision making.     

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